Powerlines and utility poles weave across JOEMC’s service territory, connecting members together in a powerful network that delivers energy to homes and businesses. This infrastructure is a visual representation of how your cooperative is connected to local landscapes, but our commitment to the community runs deeper than poles and wires.

In local classrooms, curious minds are learning new technology and little hands are manipulating science equipment, flipping through books and creating art, thanks to our Bright Ideas education grants. These grants provide new resources and opportunities to students and teachers. Since 1994, our co-op has contributed over $1 million to local students and now with more than 20 years of grants in place, generations of students are benefiting.

Local high-school students build leadership skills and experience the power of civic engagement on the Electric Cooperative Youth Tour. JOEMC sends local students, our future leaders, to Washington, D.C. on this empowering trip every year. These students come back accomplished and inspired to take bold steps toward the future.

JOEMC is committed to helping make our communities a better place to live, work, and raise families by working with various organizations through economic development projects, civic functions, and community-betterment initiatives.

At JOEMC, we do more than supply power. Because we’re local and owned by you, our members, building communities is core to our mission. That’s why we invest in programs and opportunities that leave a lasting impression on the folks that live in our communities.