School Presentations

Basic Electricity Curriculum

Discussion featuring the basics of electricity and how electricity is generated. Illustrations show the path electricity takes from the generating plant to the student’s home. All ages – Modified according to grade level

Hey! What About That Electricity?

A visually exciting and colorfully presented video teaching students about how electricity is generated, transmitted and distributed. Suggested ages 3rd – 5th grade

Conservation Curriculum

Discussion featuring topics ranging from “How to read an electric meter ” to ” Calculating how much an appliance will cost to operate. ” This session will inform students on what part they can play in helping to conserve energy. Suggested ages 6th – 8th grade

Energy Efficient Construction

Discussion featuring the latest technology in energy efficient construction. A brief discussion on the conservation programs Jones-Onslow EMC has in place to help their members with their energy needs. Suggested ages High School and Civic Clubs

To find out more about these school presentations or to schedule a presentation, contact Paula Redick, Assistant Vice President of Community and Public Relations, at (910) 577-6350 or