The days of long checkout lines and crazy parking lots are a thing of the past as more and more people are shopping online. A new benefit from your Co-op Connections Card gives Jones-Onslow EMC members cash back when online purchases are made from more than 5,000 of your favorite stores.

With Co-op Connections’ Cash Back Mall, you can earn cash back on purchases of more than 300,000,000 products.

To start earning your cash back, visit and click on the Cash Back Mall link on the Co-op Connections Card menu.

By clicking the “Download Now” button and following the instructions, a free shopping assistant tool bar will appear at the top of your internet browser. This tool bar will keep track of the cash back you have earned. As you make online purchases at Best Buy, Walmart, Target, the Apple Store and other big name retailers, watch the money in your account pile up. From fishing and outdoor gear to clothing and big screen TVs, it all adds up.

When setting up your account you choose how you would like to receive your cash back, whether it is directly deposited into your account or a printed check mailed to your address. You can also decide at what dollar amount you would like to receive your cash, $15, $25, $50.

Whether you are buying gifts for loved ones or treating yourself, Cash Back Mall can put money back in your pocket. It’s just another member benefit brought to you by Jones-Onslow EMC.