Here at JOEMC, we are focused on providing you safe, reliable, affordable and environmentally sustainable power. As the electric grid evolves, we know that achieving this mission means that we have to develop forward-looking energy solutions that will help us continue to support you, both now and in the years to come.

Every day, we are working to build a brighter energy future for the people, businesses and communities we serve by investing in advancements such as:

Thanks to new technologies that we are introducing today, like advanced metering, our members will have an unprecedented level of control over energy use in the near future. The advanced meters we are installing will provide real-time data regarding how much electricity you’re consuming so you can make informed decisions that help save both energy and money.

Improved monitoring and control of electricity is also enabling us to use it in new and better ways, offering a smarter, cheaper and cleaner alternative to power generated by fossil fuels. Expanding the use of electricity in a variety of industries provides many benefits, including improved energy efficiency, cost savings, and lower carbon emissions. Electric vehicles, which are rapidly growing in popularity, are a primary example of this conversion.

The integration of technology is resulting in a more interconnected and flexible electric grid that enables two-way communication between co-ops and their members. In the future, it could also allow members to participate
in demand response programs that utilize connected devices like smart thermostats and water heater controls to manage demand for electricity during peak times, which helps keep power more reliable and energy costs down for everyone.

As technology advances, we will continue to explore innovative solutions that will help JOEMC manage energy use, reduce costs and maintain a high level of service. Learn more about the tools and resources we have by exploring