This year marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, which was first celebrated on April 22, 1970, and serves as an annual recognition of the importance of protecting our planet and its resources.

At Jones-Onslow, we are committed to delivering power that is affordable, reliable, and low carbon. More than half of our power comes from emissions-free nuclear, and we are increasingly incorporating renewable energy sources and grid optimizing technologies to take this commitment even further.

As a co-op member, you can help amplify the benefits of electricity by using it as a cleaner, cheaper, and smarter alternative to fossil fuels. Appliances, equipment, agricultural and industrial processes, and even your car can now be powered by electricity, resulting in cost savings, lower emissions, and increased productivity and efficiency.

Electric cooperatives are building a statewide electric vehicle charging network and implementing other innovative initiatives that support increased commerce, tourism, and economic development in the communities we serve. We also offer rebates and incentives to make it easier for co-op members like you to access the savings and efficiency that electricity has to offer.

On Earth Day and every day, we are building a brighter energy future for our members and the communities we serve. To find out more about our programs and services, visit our website. You can also learn more about the benefits of driving electric at


Five Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day!

Conserve water by taking showers instead of baths

Turn off all lights when you leave the room

Bring your reusable bags to the market and other stores when shopping

Go paperless. Pay as many bills as possible online

Ditch the car and walk or ride a bike when possible