Just like roads at rush hour, the electric grid experiences moments of high traffic, or demand. Electricity is most expensive when demand for it is greatest. With this in mind, JOEMC, in conjunction with our statewide association, North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives, is launching a new program called Connect to Save as a way to work together to lessen electric demand during high traffic times.

Connect to Save makes access to name-brand smart thermostats affordable. Market leading brands, including ecobee and Google Nest, can be purchased for as little as $25 – a discount of $144. We’ll install the thermostat for free, and you will receive a $50 incentive for each year you participate in the program.

Upon enrollment, JOEMC will minimally adjust your thermostat during high-traffic periods. This small action multiplied across hundreds, or even thousands of homes will create substantial savings on wholesale power costs. Because we are an at-cost electricity provider, savings on wholesale power flow directly to you and our entire cooperative membership.

You can further help by including your electric water heater in Connect to Save. Taking this step will turn your water heater into a smart device, allowing you to monitor and manage its energy use. Your water heater is often the second largest household user of electricity, after heating and cooling. By adding your water heater to the program, you’ll get an additional $50 after successful installation.

By joining your friends and neighbors, we can collectively improve smart energy use, which helps to keep costs low and benefits everyone. Contact our Connect to Save program today! We’ll help you coordinate the purchase of your new smart thermostat and schedule an appointment for free installation. Visit connecttosavenc.com to learn more about the program and enroll, or call 844-577-SAVE (844-577-7283) to talk to a Connect to Save team member.