From the time we were formed by local community members, Jones-Onslow EMC has been committed to building a brighter future for the people, businesses, and communities we serve. Our original mission was to bring electricity and new opportunity to our region. Since then, it has since expanded to include the pursuit of new energy solutions, community enrichment, and economic development initiatives that provide us new ways to deliver value to our members.

Looking to the decade ahead and beyond, we remain focused on providing you electricity that is reliable, affordable, and environmentally responsible. To achieve this low-cost, low-carbon future, JOEMC is working with the state’s other electric cooperatives to reach significant carbon reduction goals. We are targeting a 50 percent drop in carbon emissions from our 2005 levels by 2030, and net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. To meet these sustainability goals while upholding our commitments to reliability and affordability, our efforts will be focused in areas that make the electric grid more flexible, efficient, resilient, and capable of supporting new energy solutions and the vitality of our communities.

New technologies are already leading to the creation of a virtual power plant, which coordinates thousands of resources across the grid, ranging from solar energy, battery storage, microgrids, smart thermostats, and electric vehicle charging stations to balance supply and demand on the system. This sophisticated approach provides the growing potential for increased power reliability and lower costs for you, as well as greater convenience and control
of your home electricity use. Electric cooperatives like JOEMC are at the forefront of these efforts and strong partnerships with members like you will ensure that we all continue to benefit from a rapidly evolving energy landscape.

In addition to powering our communities, we are also contributing to a brighter future by empowering those we serve. Concern for community is a hallmark of the cooperative and our commitment to the community has been amplified during these unprecedented circumstances of the past few months. We want to make sure that our communities have the strength to succeed
despite the challenges we face, which is why we continue to invest in education grants, non-profit/civic group sponsorships, zero-interest economic development loans, and other efforts aimed at
improving the daily lives of our members. Because we are located in and belong to the communities we serve, we understand our local needs firsthand and remain driven to make a real difference, now and in the years to come.