Join us in celebrating National Drive Electric Week September 26 – October 4, 2020

Whether your priority is saving money, increasing convenience, helping the environment or experiencing the latest technology, electric vehicles offer something for everyone. Check out seven great reasons to consider driving electric.

  1. Significant savings. Powering a car with electricity is cheaper than powering it with gas, so electric vehicles cost less to run. EVs are becoming increasingly affordable to purchase, and tax incentives and rebates can also help reduce their price tag. Click here to see how much you could save by driving electric.
  2. More convenience. Imagine never having to go to the gas station again! Most EV drivers charge overnight at home and there is a growing network of public charging stations that makes it increasingly convenient to charge your EV no matter where you’re headed.
  3. Less maintenance. Because EVs tend to have fewer moving parts than gasoline-powered vehicles, they require no oil changes and less maintenance, which can help you save both time and money. EVs also offer regenerative braking, which means they convert the energy lost while braking into stored energy that can be used later, so their brake systems are more efficient and last longer than those of conventional vehicles.
  4. A better driving experience. Electric vehicles are fun to drive, with faster acceleration and a more responsive, zippy feel behind the wheel that offers faster pickup and improved turning power. They are quieter than gasoline-powered cars and come in an increasing range of models and sleek design options that allow you to experience the latest technology.
  5. A healthier environment. Plug-in electric vehicles have zero tailpipe emissions, which improves air quality and benefits us all. Even when accounting for generation of the electricity that powers EVs, emissions are lower than those of traditional vehicles. Even better news for you, more than half of the power that comes to you from JOEMC already comes from emissions-free sources, stacking the value of driving electric. Click here to learn how much you could reduce emissions by switching to an EV.
  6. A stronger local economy. Electric vehicles decrease our dependence on foreign oil and encourage local economic development. The installation of charging stations can help promote tourism and commerce as EV drivers are drawn to the communities surrounding the stations.
  7. A more efficient electric grid. By charging overnight, electric vehicles create demand for power at a time when the grid has historically been most underutilized and therefore least efficient. Electricity is most expensive when demand is highest, and spreading demand across more hours of the day helps flatten those expensive peaks.