Results collected once a decade from Census studies help determine how billions of dollars in federal funding flow to states and individual communities each year for areas such as affordable housing, schools, hospitals, roads, emergency response, and more! So it’s essential that everyone answer the Census!

The 2020 Census invitations begin in mid-March, with April 1 recognized as national Census Day. It’s vital to list everyone living in your household on this date. You can choose to respond online, by phone or by mail. All information shared is protected and private. Please be aware that the Census will NOT ask questions about your social security number, bank, or credit card numbers, nor will it solicit money.

Questions that ARE asked on the Census include how many people live in your home, age and race, and whether your home is owned or rented. Census counts are mandated by the Constitution and conducted by the US Census Bureau, a non-partisan government agency.

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