5 Ways to Spring into Energy Efficiency

Spring marks a perfect time of year to make your home more energy efficient. You can save energy and money this year with these five quick tips:

Check windows and exterior doors for drafts. Consider adding weather stripping around leaky doors and caulking window frames.

Dirty filters restrict airflow and reduce the overall efficiency of your heating and cooling system by making it work harder on hot summer days.

Now is a good time to check the temperature settings on your refrigerator after you’ve given it a good wipe-down. Ideally, a refrigerator’s temperature should be between 37 and 40 degrees for maximum operating efficiency.

By pulling down the shades on your windows this spring and summer, you could save about $35 a year. By blocking the sun, your house will stay cooler and more comfortable.

Use a clothesline during warmer months and let sunlight and breezes dry clothes naturally. This will reduce your electric bill by not running a dryer and add a natural clean scent to your laundry.


Click here for more energy-saving resources 

JOEMC’s Clark Named Chamber’s Man of the Year

Co-op CEO Jeff Clark was recently recognized at the Jacksonville-Onslow Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Membership Celebration as the 2018 Golden Eagle Man of the Year.

Mr. Clark received the award for demonstrating excellence in his profession, serving the chamber and other organizations he is involved in with integrity, and showing commitment to the betterment of the community.

“This is a great community. It is a hid-den gem, and I’m humbled, and I’m honored to receive this award,” Clark said. “It has been an honor to work alongside the people of this community to make it a better place to live.”

When presenting the award to Mr. Clark, last year’s recipient, Marine Federal Credit Union CEO Jeff Clark, noted “this year’s honoree is one of those people who has a story that inspires others. He started at the bottom of his chosen profession with an entry-level, third shift job; 40 years later he has risen to the top of his profession because
of his knowledge, talent, passion, and belief in teamwork.” 


Join ElecTel Today

JOEMC is partnering with ElecTel Cooperative Federal  Credit Union, another co-op like us, to provide a valuable member service.

Do you want to save energy while increasing your home’s value? If so, JOEMC’s partner ElecTel can help with their Energy Efficient Loan Program.

With this new partnership, JOEMC consumer-members are eligible to join ElecTel with a minimal membership deposit. Electel members may borrow* up to $35,000 for improvements, including new windows and doors, electric heat pumps, furnaces, air conditioners, generators, solar projects, water heaters, insulation, and ENERGY STAR® appliances.

ElecTel offers a full range of financial services including energy-efficiency loans to residential property owners of single-family homes and owner-occupied condominiums. The Energy Efficient Loan Program features:

  • Low-interest loans to qualified applicants;
  • Up to 100 percent financing of the purchase price, including taxes and installation costs;
  • $35,000 maximum loan limit.

You may join ElecTel Federal Credit Union online at www.electel.org and then apply for loans or other financial services online. For more information, contact ElecTel at 800-849-5600  or email memberservices@electelfcu.coop.

*All loans are subject to approval. Your rate may vary and is determined by your credit qualifications, amount financed, collateral, and loan terms. All rates and terms are subject to change without notice.

Go Green this Earth Day…and Everyday!

Earth Day is April 22, and “going green” is a lot easier than you might think! Making energy efficiency a priority will not only help save the environment, but might help save you money, as well! Here are a few simple things you can do to start…

  • Sign up for electronic billing to ditch the paper and receive your bill via email.
  • Pay your bill electronically using our online member service portal.
  • Install a smart programmable thermostat that maximizes your savings based on your habits.
  • Turn off lights when you leave the room.
  • Bring your reusable bags to the store when shopping. 


Save energy. Save money.

Tell Us What You Think…

This spring, JOEMC will partner with TSE Services and Data Decisions Group to  conduct member satisfaction surveys.

Member feedback will be collected via telephone interviews as well as online surveys. If JOEMC has your email address on file and you are one of the randomly selected participants, you will receive an email invitation to participate in the survey. Those members whose email address the cooperative does not have will be contacted by tele-phone to complete the survey.
Members may receive the email invitation or phone call between April and June asking for their participation. If contacted by telephone, the call will come from a 919 area code as JOEMC’s partner is based in the Raleigh area.

The feedback you provide will help us gauge our performance in serving you, our consumer-members, and assist us in providing better service in the future. We encourage you to share your email address with us so you can potentially be contacted about completing a survey.

We appreciate your time and thank you for sharing your thoughts. 

Lineman Appreciation Day is April 8

Every year, the second Monday in April marks Lineman Appreciation Day, a celebration of the vital role linemen play in keeping the lights on for co-op members. On this day, JOEMC and electric cooperatives across our state and nation recognize the skill, talent, and expertise of our linemen and thank them for their many contributions to our daily lives.

This past year was especially challenging for many co-operative linemen, as they worked tirelessly to help communities throughout North Carolina recover from the impacts of multiple hurricanes, as well as snow and ice. In a true demonstration of the cooperative spirit, crews from less-affected areas traveled to harder-hit regions to assist in restoring power as quickly as possible, often in very treacherous conditions. 

“Our linemen are true heroes,” said Jeff Clark, CEO of JOEMC. “They are on the front-line of our co-op, and are critical to our efforts to serve our members and provide reliable power to our communities.”

On April 8 (or anytime during April), show your support and gratitude on the various social media platforms to our dedicated crews by using the hashtag #ThankaLineman! 

From the CEO: Spring Cleaning Delivers Safe, Reliable Power

Spring gives us a chance to thaw out after a chilly winter and many folks take advantage of longer daylight hours by doing a little spring cleaning and yard work.

The seasonal shift isn’t all good news though. The rapid change from harsh, cold air to warmer temperatures can trigger severe weather. To protect our lines and keep power flowing safely to your home, JOEMC maintains our right-of-ways. Think of it as spring cleaning for power lines.

Right-of-way (ROW) maintenance keeps tree limbs and other obstacles away from high-voltage power lines. It’s an important part of the service we provide to you, our consumer-members, for three reasons: safety, reliability, and cost.

Our primary concern is the safety of our employees and you, our members. Properly maintained ROW keeps our crews safe when they are restoring service and maintaining our system. Keeping trees clear of power lines also keeps your family safe. From making sure a child’s tree house isn’t near power lines to creating a safe environment while doing yard work, a well-maintained ROW helps avoid tragedy.

Power lines are a constant part of our landscape; it’s easy to forget they are around. We work hard to keep the area around our lines clear, but we need your help. Be alert this spring. Don’t plant trees or tall vegetation under power lines, and keep an eye out for power lines when working in your yard.

If severe spring weather blows through, a well-maintained ROW leads to fewer outages and faster response time because trees are less of a threat. When trees do fall, crews can restore service quicker than they could with poorly maintained areas.

As an electric cooperative, JOEMC strives to keep costs affordable for you, our consumer-members. Maintaining our ROW is an important part of controlling costs. Fewer and shorter outages save money for everyone. When crews work in well-maintained areas, we can reduce risks for employees and equipment too—another way to keep costs low.

Safety, reliability, and cost…this is why we believe in ROW ‘spring cleaning.’ If we compromise on one of these areas, it impacts the others. At JOEMC, we simply aren’t willing to compromise. Maintaining our ROW is a priority for your safety, comfort, and pocketbook.


Power of Community: LaToya Hooker

Meet JOEMC Consumer Representative Latoya Hooker. If you’ve ever called us and spoken to an employee to pay your bill, ask a question about your account or even come into our office for assistance, there is a good chance you spoke with Latoya. She is a people person and loves helping people. Latoya’s primary focus is YOU, our consumer-members and it shows!

Latoya started working at the co-op in 2007 and has done her best to provide excellent customer service to each consumer-member whether in person or on the phone ever since.

Latoya’s desire to help people doesn’t stop when she clocks out and goes home—in fact, it’s just beginning. On the evenings and weekends you can find her on the sidelines supporting and cheering for her 4 children at basketball, baseball, football and volleyball games. And if that isn’t enough, Latoya also keeps busy helping others by volunteering with the Richlands High School Century Club—a non-profit organization that supports junior high and high school athletic programs.

Latoya’s favorite quote is “Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better” by Maya Angelou.

To learn more about our other employees who exhibit the Power of Community, click here.


From the CEO: Bringing You the Power to Empower

Innovation is the bellwether of progress, the current that propels us to keep evolving. The technological advances of today are the benchmarks charting this rapid evolution. For JOEMC, this means constantly seeking solutions to serve you, our consumer-member, better. It’s a charge we take seriously, as we strive to be the best version of tomorrow’s electric utility for you. Except, we must be that electric utility today.  

Think about how quickly things change. Twenty years ago, most of us wouldn’t dream that today our home appliances would be coined as “smart,” that our phones would do more than computers did 20 years ago, that modern television programming would stream from any number of “connected” devices.

We are embracing the future today. Starting this spring, we will begin an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) project that will see the co-op install advanced meters at consumer-member’s homes and businesses. Bringing AMI to our members has been a long time in the making. The AMI of the past was cost prohibitive. But as the metering equipment and technology have improved over the years (and as costs decreased), the time has come for the co-op to invest in this technology. We are confident that the benefits of converting to AMI will quickly make this investment successful.

As a cooperative consumer-member, these new meters will provide you with better outage information and improve your ability to help track your electric use. In the future, it could help you with other customer friendly services and innovative options such as pre-pay where you purchase your electricity much like you purchase gas or groceries.

For JOEMC, advanced metering will allow us to serve you better. We’ll have improved ways to measure and increase operational efficiencies and planning. AMI will provide a more detailed view of outages and also analyze how our electric distribution system is performing at any given time.

As part of this spring’s pilot project, close to 5,000 homes and businesses will receive the new advanced meters. Over the next year and a half, the rest of our 76,000 plus meters on our system will be replaced with these new meters. This is a substantial investment in JOEMC’s electric grid and infrastructure, but there are future savings and cost reductions that will be realized through changing business practices and operational efficiencies.

If you are interested in reading more about the project, click here. On the page you’ll find updates on the project as well as Frequently Asked Questions and other related materials. I’ll also provide updates peri-odically in this article. 



Power of Community: William Preast

Meet William Preast, Lead Meter Technician at JOEMC, who ensures your meters are working correctly.

William has been fascinated with flight since he was a child. At the young age of five, he built his first static model aircraft and then at age thirteen, he received his first radio-controlled plane. He’s been flying ever since!

When William is not working on electric meters, he can be found operating and navigating JOEMC’s drone.

He first heard of drones being used commercially at a club meeting. After extensive research on the use of drones in the electric utility industry, he presented the idea to our cooperative’s CEO, Jeff Clark. With William’s knowledge, enthusiasm, and 30 years of flying experience, Jeff was on board. William achieved his commercial drone license in 2017.

JOEMC now uses drones to assess storm damage when roads are impassable, or in wet, swampy terrain. Drones are used to inspect right of way corridors or look for potential tree or vegetation problems near power lines. Drones provide inspections that assist with preventative maintenance on distribution lines, transmission lines, and substations.

During his time off, when not flying drones and radio-controlled airplanes, you can find William fishing. He loves to bass fish with his dad and travel throughout North Carolina competing in different tournaments.

To learn more about our other employees who exhibit the Power of Community, click here.


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Three Easy DIY Projects to Save Energy

Now that spring is just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to tackle a few DIY efficiency projects for your home. The good news: You don’t have to be an energy expert to do this! Here are three projects you can do now to start saving.

  1.  Make the Most of Your Water Heater: Insulating a water heater that’s warm to the touch can save 7 to 16 percent annually on your water heating bills.
  2. Seal Air Leaks with Caulk: Applying caulk around windows, doors, electrical wiring and plumbing can save energy and money.
  3. Weather Strip Exterior Doors: One of the best ways to seal air leaks is to weather strip exterior doors, which can keep out drafts and help you control energy costs.

For more energy-saving tips and resources click here

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