Fun, food, door prizes and entertainment….

JOEMC members…bring the family out for an evening of fun, food, door prizes and entertainment. On Friday, March 23, Jones-Onslow EMC will hold its Annual Meeting of Members at the American Legion Building/Onslow County Fairgrounds located at 146 Broadhurst Road in Jacksonville.

Highlighting this year’s meeting will be special entertainment from North Carolina’s very own Unspoken Tradition.

Hailing from the Asheville area, the group is about new, original Bluegrass music. Inspired by their own influences and the roots of traditional music, they bring a sound that is both impassioned and nostalgic, hard-driving but sincere. Their material is mostly original and reflects the ever-changing culture of Western and Central North Carolina where they call home. Touring both regionally and internationally, the group has opened for performers like Balsam Range, The Boxcars, Peter Rowan, and The Del McCoury Band.

In addition to Unspoken Tradition, local musical groups will also be performing. There will be hot dogs and soda, a clown for the kids, giveaways, informative displays, and a “learning” tent where members can sit and listen to JOEMC employees discuss energy efficiency, electric safety and much more. And don’t forget…as has become an annual meeting tradition, one lucky JOEMC member will win a recently retired fleet vehicle (“as is” condition).

Registration and displays open at 5:30pm, local musical entertainment takes the stage at 5:45pm, and the business meeting will start at 7:00pm. At 8:00pm, Unspoken Tradition takes the stage.


From the CEO: How can we better serve you in 2018?

It’s amazing what we learn through listening and observation. New products and services are more likely to gain the satisfaction of consumers when their introduction follows market research.

Here at JOEMC, we’ve provided members with a mobile-friendly website, enabling you to check the status of your electric service, conduct routine business (updating account information), or simply paying your bill, anywhere or anytime. In fact, in 2017 we received over 72,000 bill payments (just over 6,000 per month) from members who utilized our mobile-friendly website and bill-paying system.

These mobile services are just new ways of connecting with the folks at JOEMC, like the customer service representatives you reach when you call us, or greet you from behind the counters at our office. They help us offer quality services you expect us to provide.

Our goal is to find ways to help you control energy costs. That’s why we communicate with you about energy prices and ways we can work together to help ease the burdens on your wallet. Our website,, which includes an Energy Center section, provides resources (such as on-line energy audits, videos and other websites) as well as tons of energy-savings tips that you can download. And don’t forget to take advantage of other services or programs like budget billing, HVAC and EnergyStar appliance rebates, or a free in-home energy audit where a JOEMC representative will visit your home and give it an energy check up!

Listening improves understanding, builds trust, strengthens relationships and fosters cooperation. It’s also crucial to collaboration and success.

That’s why JOEMC still loves talking and interacting with its members. Our annual meeting is a social event for our whole coop family. We hope you’ll make plans now to join us next month (Friday, March 23, at the American Legion Building at the Onslow County Fairgrounds in Jacksonville) to conduct co-op business and to also have fun and win some prizes.

So, how do we serve you better in 2018? The same way many of us try to serve community, society and family better, each day—by listening. In our offices, on telephones and in our face-to-face meetings, we’re ready to listen.

When you have questions about energy efficiency, electrical service or any of our products or services, just ask us. When we know just what you want, we’re in a better position to deliver successful results. So, drop in and see us, we’re always glad to hear from you.



Safety tip…stay back!

Know the difference between the different types of lines and wires that are on the utility poles? If you see a downed electric line, be aware…it could be live and dangerous!

Sign up for budget billing

Are you on a budget? Does your electric bill vary each month? Budget billing can help. It guarantees no surprises when you receive your electric bill…with the program you pay the same predetermined amount each month.

Each month, on your statement, your current amount billed (based on your actual use) is shown with your monthly budget billing amount. If there are any large discrepancies in the two amounts, contact us to discuss adjusting the budgeted figure.

Each year the two figures are compared again. If you’ve overpaid your bills during the previous twelve months, a refund check for the overpaid amount will be issued. If you have underpaid, the excess amount will be due with the following bill.

If you are not currently a budget billing customer, you can start participating any time. Certain credit requirements and restrictions do apply (including having a minimum of a 12 month billing history service location). Contact JOEMC for more information.

Click here to go to Billing Options and look for the budget billing form



An exciting opportunity for veterans

JOEMC is excited to announce an opportunity for veterans with disabilities to challenge themselves, overcome barriers and learn “what’s within them is stronger than what’s in the way.”

The co-op, in conjunction with one of our financial partners, is searching for disabled veterans from the JOEMC service territory to nominate for the No Barriers Warrior’s Expedition Program.

The program, sponsored by Co-Bank, provides expeditions that mentally and physically challenge veterans on outdoor expeditions through mountaineering, rafting and rock climbing. Co-Bank covers the full cost for participants including meals, gear and travel expenses.

Veterans must have VA disability rating to qualify. These five-day expeditions offer veterans an opportunity to challenge limitations (both real and perceived) and to create a network of support that can last a lifetime.

For consideration, individuals nominating a veteran, even if self-nominated, should submit a letter summarizing the veteran’s military background, their VA disability rating, length of military service, and why they think attending a No Barriers expedition would be of benefit. Letters may be emailed to Paula Redick or mailed through the U.S. Postal Service to Jones-Onslow EMC, Attn: Paula Redick, 259 Western Boulevard, Jacksonville, NC 28546. Once we receive your request, we will be in contact to give you further instructions on the application process.

The nomination deadline for the No Barriers Warriors expedition is April 1, 2018. For more information, click here or visit


Paysite kiosks…FAST. EASY. CONVENIENT.

Partnering with Realo Drugstores (at Gateway Shopping Center in Surf City and Yopp Road in Jacksonville), JOEMC members can pay their bill at the PaySite kiosks located inside at the above locations.

The payment process usually takes less than a minute and your payment is posted immediately.

Enter your account information. Make your payment by cash, check, Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card. Leave with a receipt.

No need to drive to our offices. By partnering with Realo, you now have extended hours to pay your bill. And remember, using one of the PaySite kiosks is absolutely FREE.


Kiosk locations are located at Realo Drugstore at the following:

Wal-Mart Shopping Center
423 Yopp Road
Jacksonville, NC
(910) 347-9684






Gateway Shopping Center
13500 Highway 50
Suite 101
Holly Ridge, NC




Middle school students…apply now for sports camp scholarships

Calling all middle school basketball fans! Want to take a shot at an awesome opportunity to train with college basketball coaches and players to improve your skills on the court?

JOEMC is now accepting applications for full scholarships to attend overnight basketball camps on college campuses this summer. Young men can apply to attend the Roy Williams Basketball Camp June 16-20 at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, and young women can apply to attend the Wolfpack Women’s Basketball Camp June 10-13 at N.C. State University in Raleigh.

Applications and more information have been sent to all public middle schools in the JOEMC service area. Rising sixth, seventh or eighth graders are eligible to apply and the final application deadline is March 31. Applications can also be downloaded by visiting the Touchstone Energy Sports Camp page on the website. Applicants will be judged on their academics, extracurricular activities and an essay.

In addition to improving the basketball skills of attendees, both camps will work closely with students to develop fundamental skills like sportsmanship and leadership that will help the young athletes excel both on and off the court. Each Touchstone Energy cooperative in the state awards two scholarships to students in their local area annually, one to a young man and one to a young woman. 

Why has my bill been so high?

Members are asking why their bill has been so high when they haven’t changed their thermostat or their energy habits. There’s really only one explanation….the freezing outdoor temperatures that our area experienced over a several day period in early January and member’s heating units (heat pumps) that had to operate constantly to satisfy the thermostat settings.

The graphic shows 32 degrees for the outdoor temperatures. We had a record number of consecutive days with temperatures well below that freezing point (32 degrees).

Heat pumps lose their energy efficiency when outdoor temperatures drop below freezing (32 degrees). When it’s cold outside a heat pump extracts the outside heat and transfers it inside…and when it’s below freezing, your heat pump can’t keep up and must use auxiliary/emergency heat (heat strips) to try and reach (or keep) your thermostat setting. Even if the thermostat has been set to 68 degrees, there is a very good chance your heat pump can’t reach that temperature…this can vary from house to house based on factors like insulation levels and air infiltration. The result is your heat pump has to run continuously which adds up quickly since heating/cooling accounts for around 50% of your monthly bill. Under normal conditions, the cost of running a heat pump for a JOEMC member is around 30 to 35 cents per hour. When operating in the auxiliary/emergency heating mode, that cost goes up to around $1.30 per hour

Download this great resource for questions about how heat pumps work

For more energy-saving tips and resources, go to the ENERGY EFFICIENCY menu located under the ENERGY CENTER tab at the top of this page

Stay Plugged In

Going out of the country for an extended period of time? Storm in our area and you want to see an up-to-date outage map? Wondering if we service the new location where you're moving? Maybe you want to set up an automatic draft or just manage your account? Our resource page has all the information you need at the click of button.