We Can’t Recognize You Without Your Phone Number

Update your phone information before a major outage…

Jones-Onslow needs your phone number on file. When you call, our outage management system attempts to match your phone number to your account and then alerts our staff. This enables us to dispatch a repair crew more quickly and efficiently.

If we don’t have an accurate phone number associated with your account, it could delay repair of your electric service.

How to update your phone number:

  • Visit joemc.com and log in to pay bill, then click account management from the list on the left side of the screen. Click the contact info tab to add or change your phone numbers.
  • Use our automated phone system: Dial (910) 353-1940, press 2. The prompts will walk you through on how to change your number. *You will need your account number.
  • Speak with one of our Consumer Repre­sentatives at (910) 353-1940 or stop by our main office at 259 Western Boulevard, Jacksonville or our district office at 1225 NC Highway 210, Sneads Ferry.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

This spring, Jones-Onslow will partner with TSE Services and Data Decisions Group (formerly FGI Research) to conduct its second quarter member satisfaction survey.

You may receive a phone call between April and June asking you to participate. The call will come from a 919 area code, as the company calling on behalf of JOEMC is based in Raleigh.

The feedback you provide will help us gauge our performance in serving you, our customers, and as­sist us in providing better service in the future.

We appreciate your time and thank you for sharing your thoughts!

101 Easy Ways to Save Energy and Money

Do a little. Save a lot. Be a weekend warrior.

Home energy use is different for everyone and hinges on several factors, including home size, number of members in your household, where you live and choices you make.

Everything you do—from flipping a switch to upgrading your lighting—can add up to big savings. Knowing where your energy is being used can help you prioritize your energy savings habits.

To learn more ways to save energy around your home, click here and download 101 Ways to Save.

JOEMC Mourns the Loss of Board Member Horace Phillips

Horace Phillips, Jones-Onslow EMC board member for 44 years, passed away on Sunday, March 12, at the age of 86.

Mr. Phillips, the Vice Chairman of the cooperative’s Board of Direc­tors since 2002, had served as a board member since November 1972.

Mr. Phillips represented District Three of the cooperative service area and was dedicated and faithful to Jones-Onslow and its members during his years of ser­vice. He valued his position on the board and understood the critical role he played in making Jones-Onslow one of the leading electric cooperatives in the United States. He particularly enjoyed annual meeting time and when the cooperative returned capital credits to members be­cause as he once said “it was what being a cooperative was all about.”

A native of Jones County, Mr. Phillips had a distinguished career working his family farm west of Trenton and was dedicated to his family, country, and community. He is survived by his wife, Agnes, as well as three daughters, seven grandchildren, and one great grandchild. Mr. Phillips proudly served in the United States Army for two years. After returning from the service, he began his commit­ment to making his community a better place, by serving on the Lenoir Commu­nity College Board for 12 years, the board of Branch Banking and Trust for 37 years, and as a Commissioner for Jones County for 36 years.

“The Board of Directors, cooperative members, and our community, will miss the leadership that Horace Phillips has pro- vided over the years,” said Jones-Onslow Chairman of the Board John Pierce. “He touched so many lives…his friends and family, his JOEMC family, and the citizens of not only Jones County but eastern North Carolina. Mr. Phillips’ life was one that was truly about service to his fellow man.”


Cooperative Website Gets Fresh New Look

If you haven’t been to our website lately, it’s time to pay it a visit. JOEMC.com has recently gotten a makeover and we think you’ll like the changes.

The new look displays more infor­mation on the homepage but still lets members quickly access the core features of the site…managing their account (including paying their bill), viewing current outages, and sign­ing up for electric service.

In addition, new and expanded fea­tures on the site include:

Front and center on the homepage, we’ve added a rotating series of articles and information that members can quickly access. Topics and information may include energy efficiency, the co­operative’s community involvement, or member interest like the annual meet­ing or capital credits.

Moving into a new place and not sure who’s the electric provider? You can look it up right here. Simply enter the address information, click the Check for Service box, and see if that location is on JOEMC lines. If it’s served by the cooperative, one more click takes you to the Sign up for Service page.

Located at the bottom of every page, the new Resources page lets members navigate to some of the most popular services on joemc.com. This page will rotate frequently, depending on what’s going on during the year.

With a simple click of the button, joemc.com will be translated for our Spanish-speaking members allowing them to browse the website and enhance their customer service experience.

The Newsroom section on the website has been reconfigured. When members go to this page they will see a num­ber of stories with brief descriptions, allowing them to click on the ones that interest them to read more.

7 Cooperative Principles: Autonomy and Independence

We continue our discussion this month about the cooperative-form of business and the seven cooperative principles.

Each month we’ll highlight one of the seven principles and explain what that means to a member-owned, not-for-profit organization like JOEMC. This month we’ll talk about Autonomy and Independence.

#4 Autonomy and Independence
Cooperatives are autonomous, self-help organizations controlled by their members. If they enter into agreements with other organizations, including governments, or raise capital from external sources, they do so on terms that ensure democratic control by their members and maintain their cooperative autonomy.

To learn more about all 7 Cooperative Principles click here.

From the CEO: Lives on the Line

Every year, we take the time to thank our extraordinary linemen who dedicate their lives to keeping the lights on in our local communities. 54 linemen maintain over 2,400 miles of line in JOEMC’s service territory, and without them, our world would be dark.

We depend on all the employees to keep JOEMC running smoothly but on April 10, 2017, we honor(ed) all the linemen who often find them­selves in dangerous and challenging situations so our lives may be a little bit brighter and safer every day. These brave employees repair damaged lines and maintain critical infrastructure for our communities. Without their hard work and commitment to the job, our cooperative would not thrive. No matter the time—day or night, weekday or weekend—if the lights go out, so do they.

Perhaps you have seen them raising their bucket trucks in howling winds and torrential rains, or in freezing, icy condi­tions. They work around the clock near high-voltage power lines until electricity is restored to every member in our coop­erative community.

In addition to aiding members in our local service terri­tory, linemen are always willing and eager to volunteer when a neighboring community, county or state is in need after a major outage occurs.

We hope you’ll join us in thanking the many lineworkers— both locally and around the world—that light our lives. Take a moment to thank a lineman for the work they do…if you see a JOEMC lineman on Lineman Appreciation Day (or anytime during the month of April), show your support and let them know you appreciate them…remember, your power works because they do!

Jeffery T. Clark | CEO

National Lineman Appreciation Day

Join us, and electric cooperative members nationwide, in celebrating the hardworking men and women who keep the lights on. April 10, 2017 is National Lineman Appreciation Day.

“Linemen are first responders. They’re out in all kinds of inclement weather and at all hours. We depend on them to be the front line,” said Jones-Onslow’s CEO Jeff Clark.

Being the ‘front line’ for JOEMC means linemen are first responders in our community. As a local business, JOEMC’s employees, including our linemen, live in the communities we serve. You’ll see them not only restoring power, but also at the store, at church, or coaching their kids sports team, and you can feel confident that they— like you—want power to be restored to our community as quickly and safely as possible.

When conditions are at their worst, line-workers are at their best.
Electricity is delivered along a series of connected wires and poles, and when that connection is interrupted by some­thing like a falling tree branch, an animal or faulty equipment, it takes knowledge, skill and muscle to rebuild. Our crews are always ready. In the middle of the night, on holidays, and in snow, ice, floods and extreme heat, they are ded­icated to restoring power to members, no matter the conditions.

“All of our cooperative employees do a phenomenal job every day to serve our members, but it takes a unique person to do the work of a lineman, and they’re looked at as heroes,” Clark said.

Join us and #ThankaLineman
On April 10, 2017, take a moment to show your gratitude to the dedicated crews who build, maintain and repair the electric system that powers our lives. On social media, use the hashtag #ThankaLineman!

Stay Plugged In

Going out of the country for an extended period of time? Storm in our area and you want to see an up-to-date outage map? Wondering if we service the new location where you're moving? Maybe you want to set up an automatic draft or just manage your account? Our resource page has all the information you need at the click of button.