Customers to See Credit Added to Bills Starting in August

Jones-Onslow is pleased to announce that customers will again see a credit on their electric bills starting this month and continuing throughout the remainder of 2016.

The credits have been made possible due to a couple of factors. First, JOEMC has experienced lower-than-expected wholesale power costs of electricity. These power costs can account for as much as 66 percent of our operational expenses and that significantly impact rates. A second factor has been the continued commitment of JOEMC’s employees to work and implement operational efficiencies whenever possible.

Based on our current financial position and forecasted predictions for the remainder of the year, the Board of Directors has voted to return roughly $4.8 million to you, our customers.

This money will be returned as a credit on your electric bill over a five-month period starting in August. The credit will appear on your statement as a Wholesale Power Tier Adjustment (WPTA) and will be based on your electric use.

The WPTA credit will be $10.00 per 1,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity used. The graphic below shows an example of a member that used 1,250 kWh during the previous month.

“We are very pleased to be able to provide these credits to our customers,” said CEO Jeff Clark. “Being able to return savings directly to them is one of the core principals of being a cooperative. We will continue to work each and every day to operate as efficiently as possible while providing safe, reliable and affordable electric service with uncompromised excellence in customer service.”

wpta graphic

Customer alert

PLEASE BE AWARE…it has recently come to our attention that a company known as Doxo, Inc., which is not affiliated with Jones-Onslow EMC, is using our logo, contact information and reputation to market its online bill payment service to potential customers. We are not in partnership with this company and have not authorized them to use our logo or materials. Furthermore, we do not require that members use Doxo’s services to pay our invoices.

We already offer secure online bill pay from our website, as well as other payment options, including automatic bank draft and budget billing. As an electric cooperative rooted in the community it serves, we put people—our members—first. That’s why we’ve created options for paying your bill that are convenient, secure and trustworthy, and that’s why we’re asking you to be alert about this issue.

If you enjoy the convenience of online bill pay, please make sure you have gained access to our payment portal by clicking through from our website. Our members matter and our promise is to continue to look out for you.

Attention educators…tell us your Bright Ideas!

It’s that time of year again—Jones-Onslow is searching for Bright Ideas grant applications from teachers and principals, grades K-12, in the 48 public schools in Jones and Onslow counties, as well as the Topsail area of Pender County.

The grants, which are awarded in any discipline, enable educators to help students learn through innovative scholastic projects that are not covered by regular school funds. Educators may apply for individual grants up to $500 or in teams for grants up to $2,000.

After twenty two years, JOEMC’s Bright Ideas Grant Program has awarded 1,500 grants to more than 4,500 educators. These funds have had a direct impact on the education of close to 430,000 students in our community schools.

All grant applications must be received by Jones-Onslow no later than 5:00pm on Friday, September 23, 2016.

Bright Ideas grant recipients will be announced in the fall and honored at a special awards banquet.

Get your Bright Ideas application into the JOEMC office by Friday, September 9, 2016 and your name will be put in a drawing to win an Apple Ipad for your classroom.

Educators can get Bright Ideas grant information from their school principal or by clicking here.

5 tips for easy heat pump maintenance

Like all heating and cooling systems, proper maintenance remains the key to efficient heat pump operation. The difference in electric use between a well-maintained heat pump and a severely neglected one ranges from 10 percent to 25 percent! Here are five tips for maintaining your heat pump:

  1. Remember not to set back a heat pump’s thermostat if it causes any backup heating system to kick in; backup heating systems are usually more expensive to operate.

  2. Clean or change filters once a month or as needed, and maintain the system according to manufacturer’s instructions. Dirty filters, coils and fans reduce airflow which will decrease system performance and possibly damage the compressor.

  3. Clean outdoor coils whenever they appear dirty; occasionally, turn off power to the fan and clean it. Remove vegetation and clutter from around the outdoor unit.

  4. Clean the supply and return registers within your home and straighten their fins if bent.

  5. Have a professional service your heat pump every year. Technicians generally inspect the unit, verify proper performance and diagnose and repair problems.


How can you help us?

Bringing electricity from the utility pole on a street into your home is a team effort. The cooperative is responsible for some of the equipment, while the customer must take care of repairs and upkeep for other parts.

Basically, JOEMC maintains the wire (that delivers electricity to your home) and the meter (that measures your power use).

The accompanying illustration shows the electrical system for a typical home and how responsibility for that equipment is shared between the cooperative and you.

To help us help you and keep the power flowing to your home, routinely take a look at the equipment, such as when you are doing yard work or washing the windows outside your house.

Is your meter base rusted or broken? If so, this can allow water to get in and cause corrosion and other problems inside your electrical panel. Water and electricity don’t play together nicely; call a qualified technician to determine what repairs are needed.

Another way to help us get the power back on quickly is by making sure we have access to our lines and other facilities.

Fences, outbuildings and other obstructions can severely hamper our ability to get crews and equipment to poles, transformers and lines for both maintenance and for damage repair following outages.

house graphic1

Stay Plugged In

Going out of the country for an extended period of time? Storm in our area and you want to see an up-to-date outage map? Wondering if we service the new location where you're moving? Maybe you want to set up an automatic draft or just manage your account? Our resource page has all the information you need at the click of button.