6 Ways to Lower Your Summer Electric Bill

  1. Install a programmable thermostat. Raising your home’s temperature by a few degrees at night or when no one is home saves money. Installing a programmable thermostat is an easy way to automatically make adjustments.
  2. Only use ceiling fans when you are under them. A ceiling fan does not actually lower the temperature of a room; it only circulates the air. So only use a ceiling fan when there’s someone in the room to feel it—and save on your bill.
  3. Close the blinds and drapes. This is the easiest way to save money and to help keep the heat out during the hot summer days.
  4. Hang out your laundry. Your dryer is probably one of your home’s biggest energy users. Plus, some of the heat escapes the dryer and winds up heating your home. Let the sun work for you instead of against you this summer.
  5. Caulk up cracks. Do you feel warm air around your doors or windows? If so, check for leaks and seal the gaps with caulk or expanding foam. This will keep the cold air in and warm air out and help you save on your bill.
  6. Keep the kitchen cool. Cooking will quickly heat up your home. Consider grilling outside, plan no-cook meals like salads, or even using a slow cooker on the back porch. A little pre-planning may reduceyour electric bill.

Local Students Rewarded for Outstanding Achievement

Twenty-four graduating high school seniors and four community college students have received scholarships that Jones-Onslow funds for deserving students in our community.

The $1,000 scholarships will assist the youth as they continue with their academic endeavors.

Students that attended high school in Onslow County were selected in conjunction with the school system and its Sponsors For Academic Talent (S.A.T.) Program and received their scholarships at the May S.A.T. Banquet. Other recipients were chosen by the individual school’s staff.

The cooperative is proud of these and all the fine students in our area schools and communities. Congratulations to all of you!

High School Recipients

Camp Lejeune
Liam Day
Carissa Baldwin
Emily Korenek
Justin Condry
East Duplin
Lindsey Blizzard
Maddison Hopkins
Avery Anderson
Bryan Ruschs
Jones Senior
Megan Downs
Sagar Patel
Kiara Boutista
Jamon Parker
Erykah Lawson
Ronald Russell, III
South Lenoir
Jameson Grady
Micaiah Jackson
Alyssa Brown
Matthew McCurry
Jessica Edwards
Thomas Copeland
Sara Major
Domenick DiBiase
White Oak
Kayla Boudreau
William Nathan

Community College Recipients

Coastal Carolina
Lisaq Meredith
Nicholas Ward
Steve Baugus
Kelsey Gray

Stay Plugged In

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