National Lineman Appreciation Day…

JOEMC’s linemen make up over a third of the co-op’s workforce. These men maintain close to 2,400 miles of line that serve over 74,000 meters in our six-county service area. JOEMC crews also travel to other locations, after severe weather events, to assist in restoring power to other communities.

Thank a lineman…
We proudly recognize all electric linemen for the work they do, around the clock, in dangerous conditions, to keep power flowing and protect the public’s safety. We invite members to take a moment to thank a lineman for the work they do…if you see a JOEMC lineman on Lineman  Appreciation Day (or anytime during the month of April), show your support and let them know you appreciate the folks who light up our lives.

Spring is here…time for home renovation projects

The ground is thawing and people are eager to take on outdoor projects that will give their home a fresh face for spring. Whether building a new deck or just planting shrubbery, follow a few safety tips to make sure your spring is a happy one.

Digging in the ground
Utility lines often run underground across properties at varying depths. It’s important to get your utility lines marked before every digging job, even for small projects like planting shrubs, because accidentally striking one of these lines could be deadly. Call 811 at least three business days before starting your project to have the utility lines marked for free. Don’t gamble with your safety.

Keep an eye on sharp blades and power cords
Keep children away from lawnmowers and other lawn equipment with
sharp blades or fast-moving parts. Additionally, safety guards should never be removed from such equipment and power cords should be kept out of the working path to eliminate the chance of cutting a cord and causing electrical shock.

Staying clear of power lines
Whether you’re cleaning the gutters, trimming a tree or doing some painting, always look for overhead wires. Be sure to maintain at least a 10-foot distance from any overhead power lines and only use a fiberglass ladder. If a ladder falls on a power line, do not try to move it. Call JOEMC!

We want to know what you think…

This spring, Jones-Onslow will partner with TSE Services and Data Decisions Group (formerly FGI Re-search) to conduct its second quarter member satisfaction survey.

You may receive a phone call between April and June asking you to partici-pate. The call will come from a 919 area code, as the company calling on behalf of JOEMC is based in Raleigh.

The feedback you provide will help us gauge our performance in serving you, our customers, and assist us in providing better service in the future.
We appreciate your time and thank you for sharing your thoughts!

DANGER! Outlet overload

Every year, U.S. fire departments respond to some 25,900 home electrical fires. These fires cause an estimated 280 deaths, 1,125 injuries and $1.1 billion in property loss.

Thirty-nine percent of home electrical fires involve outlets, receptacles and other electrical wiring.

To ensure safety, you should only use about 80 percent of the available current for each electrical outlet in your home.

Are you overloading outlets? Use this formula to find out: wattage/volts= amps. For example, let’s say you are using 2,000 watts of power (for one outlet). Divide the watts by the volts in your home (typically 120) and you come up with 16.6 amps of current being used. With a 20 amp electrical outlet, you are using about 80 percent of the available current.
Source: U.S. Fire Administration, Home & Garden

Members love JOEMC’s self-service options!

Did you know we offer many services to members any time of the day or night?

All you have to do is simply call us at (910) 353-1940 or (800) 682-1515 to automatically pay your bill, get account information (your balance, due date, amount and last payment) or update the telephone number that is associated with your account. And, to report an outage, call the co-op’s automated outage reporting system at (910) 353-7117 or (800) 681-4146.

Other 24/7 self-help service options include this website where you can pay online, manage your account, view current outages, start and stop electric service, learn how to lower your bill and much more!

Thousands of JOEMC members are using our convenient self-service options every month! Why not try one out today for fast, member-friendly service?

Stay Plugged In

Going out of the country for an extended period of time? Storm in our area and you want to see an up-to-date outage map? Wondering if we service the new location where you're moving? Maybe you want to set up an automatic draft or just manage your account? Our resource page has all the information you need at the click of button.