Hurricane Season is Here…

Living where we do, we’re at the mercy of many types of severe weather situations. And now that summer is here, there’s the possibility of thunderstorms or even hurricanes.

During these weather situations, we’ve got a plan for restoring electric service to the greatest number of customers in the shortest time possible.

Part of this plan is to assign all outside personnel to each of the cooperative’s substations throughout the service area. As soon as it is safe to be on the road, employees begin working from each of the substations.

The cooperative’s priorities for restoring electric service are as follows:

Transmission Lines
Transmission lines carry electricity over long distances. These lines supply power to one or more substations throughout the service area.

If a problem occurs in a substation, it will cause all of the homes and businesses served by the substation to be out of service. This could affect hundreds or thousands of people.

Main Distribution Lines
These lines are checked next. They carry electricity from a substation to a group of consumers that live in the same community. When power is restored here, all customers served by this line should have power to their homes as long as there is no problem farther down the line.

Tap Lines
Tap lines carry power to utility poles or underground transformers and serve smaller groups from the main distribution lines.

Individual Services
Damage can occur on the service line between your house and a transformer on the nearby pole. This can explain why you have no power when your neighbor does. The co-op needs to know your situation so a service crew can repair it.



Congratulations to this Year’s Basketball Camp Scholarship Winners…

Jones-Onslow has selected three students to represent the cooperative at two basketball camps this summer.

Hunter Heltsley, from Southwest Middle School, will attend the Roy Williams Basketball Camp this month at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Gabrielle Ciceron, from Northwoods Park Middle School, and Sikia Kornegay, from Trexler Middle School, will attend the NC State Wolfpack Academy in Raleigh.

Students currently enrolled in the 6th, 7th, or 8th grades were eligible to participate in the contest. Recipients were selected as a result of their excellent applications and essays on why they wanted to attend the basketball camp.

Customers to see “new look” Electric Bill…

When you open your electric bill in the next couple of months, you may notice that it looks a little different…that’s because it is. We’ve given the bill a new look in hopes that it’s easier to read and understand.

The re-design of the bill was done with one thing in mind…provide customers with a quick glance where you can easily see important information that you want to know.

A quick look of your electric account will be shown on the front side of the bill. This section will include one line showing all payments and credits since your last electric statement. There will also be one line that shows all charges since the last statement. This should allow customers to easily identify the amount that is owed and the date that it should be paid by.

In addition, there is a “Notice” section that will contain important information about your account (if applicable).

On the reverse side of the bill, specific details will be displayed. This information will include how many kilowatt hours you used in the current month, a historical chart and comparison of your use, as well as your meter readings and details about each payment and credit, displayed in chronological order.

In addition, we’ll also use the reverse side of the bill to provide you with important JOEMC announcements or to provide other information on various items such as “What is Facilities Charge?”

Finally, the detachable payment stub that is returned to JOEMC will be larger… this will make it easier to read as well as write in information like the amount being paid.


JOEMC Board Secretary/Treasurer Recognized at Statewide Meeting

Thomas D. Waller, JOEMC Board Secretary/Treasurer, was recognized recently for 15 years of service to the cooperative and its members.

Mr. Waller, from the Trenton community of Jones County, began his service on the JOEMC Board in January 2000. He has served in the position of Secretary/Treasurer since December 2009.

The commendable service award was presented at the North Carolina Association of Electric Cooperatives’ (NCAEC) annual meeting on April 15. NCAEC is the trade association for the 26 electric cooperatives in North Carolina, including Jones-Onslow.

“Mr. Waller has dedicated himself to Jones-Onslow and its customers for the past 15 years,” said Board Chairman John Pierce. “He has worked hard, along with the rest of the board and employees, to make JOEMC a model of excellence, not only in the state of North Carolina but throughout the country.”


Stay Plugged In

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