New Years is a time for making resolutions to improve your life. Two favorites are dieting and saving money. This year, combine the two by putting your home on an energy diet. Post these simple steps from Jones-Onslow on your refrigerator and start trimming your energy costs:

  1. Switch all the lighting in your home to energy efficient options like LEDs.
  2. Clean and replace filters regularly. Also, a yearly check up for your heating and cooling system is recommended to prevent unforeseen, costly repairs and to insure maximum efficiency. A household’s heating and cooling system account for about 54 percent of the energy use in a typical U.S. home, making this the largest energy expense.
  3. Plug energy leaks with weather stripping around windows and doors.
  4. Take advantage of natural sunlight and window shading for no-cost lighting, heating and cooling.
  5. Maintain water heater temperature at 120 degrees or lower and take short showers instead of baths.
  6. Adjust your thermostat when your home is unoccupied to avoid heating or cooling an empty house. When home, set your thermostat to 68-72 in the winter and 76-78 in the summer. You can also save on your energy bill by replacing your manual thermostat with a programmable one or a smart thermostat.
  7. Run the dishwasher and clothes washer only when fully loaded.
  8. Air dry clothes when possible; clothes dryers are a big energy user.
  9. Power down, turn off and unplug computers, battery charges and other electronics when not in use. Also, consider buying a laptop for your next computer purchase…it uses less energy than a desktop computer.
  10. When replacing older appliances and equipment in your home, purchase high efficiency ENERGY STAR products…you may qualify for a one-time credit/rebate from JOEMC. Click here to see details.